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NEW Dance is the dance development organisation for North East Wales

NEW Dance is the dance development organisation for Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham in north east Wales. NEW Dance nurtures the individual, cultural and well-being of communities in north-east Wales through dance, promoting excellence and innovation in its work in community, educational and professional settings.


NEW Dance, the community dance organisation for counties of Denbighshire, Flintshire & Wrexham, are pleased to welcome Angela Fessi as their new Artistic Director and we wish her every success in her new post.

BUZZ Junior Schools Dance project
NEW Dance, the community dance organisation for Wrexham, Flintshire, & Denbighshire is pleased to offer BUZZ a two hour dance workshop to junior schools throughout 2017.

Thanks to financial support from Arts Council of Wales, NEW Dance is able to provide for the cost of £150 two professional dance practitioners to lead a two hour dance workshop including movement games and taught choreography exploring the theme of the life cycle of the Honey Bee and pollination.

BUZZ will consist of a two hour exciting and creative participatory dance workshop led by two experienced dance artistes followed up by a day visit to one of the several sites situated across the area whose aim is to promote the preservation and sustainability of the environment.

NEW Dance will also compile and disseminate a teachers' and pupils' resource pack containing further information and suggestions for follow up, providing valuable CPD.

Using physical exercises and creative group work the children will be introduced to the flight patterns and sounds that bees make; the waggle dance; the Asian Hornet that threatens to diminish the bee population of this country.

The children will explore physically the motions made in transferring pollen from one flower to another and the significance of this transaction; an enriched learning experience about the chain of life.

By working in twos, threes and groups, the class of up to 30 children will eventually work together as a whole group to investigate through movement the social conditions of the swarm and hive, learning ideas about group responsibility, community, kinship, authority and how to counteract threats to such a community.

The dance workshop will be followed up with a school visit to one of the conservation centres located around the area where the children will enjoy the experience of witnessing the pollination process and seeing bees in their natural habitat.

BUZZ is innovative and stimulating; BUZZ teaches conservation through the medium of dance and will be run in close collaboration with agencies from the area whose remit is to preserve & maintain the environment.

BUZZ can be offered bilingually; the material can be adapted to be appropriate for any year group and can be delivered to any class up to a maximum number of 30 children

BUZZ will be fun, creative & lively & the project provides valuable CPD for teachers

BUZZ can be booked for morning or afternoon sessions Monday to Thursday

Early booking is advised contact the office for booking form